Two Romanian “UPET” drilling rigs P32-1

Drilling capacity of 1500 m.

Static capacity of 65 tons.

Mast length: 28 m

2x370 HP engines.

2 Mud pumps: Triplex-PN160, Hydraulic power 260 HP, Flow: 35 L/s, Maximum pressure: 200 bars.


Two Turkish “Birlesim-sondaj” drilling rigs


Drilling capacity of 1000 m.

Static capacity of 60 tons.

Mast length: 18 m.

2x350 HP engines.

Mud pump: Duplex NB 125, Hydraulic power 180 HP, Flow: 20 L/s, Maximum pressure: 140 Bars.

Five Russian “Belarusse BA15” drilling rigs:

Drilling capacity of 400 m.

Static capacity of 25 tons.

Mast length: 15.5 m.

230 HP engine.

Mud pump: Duplex NB 50, Hydraulic power 95 HP, Flow: 15 L/s, Maximum pressure: 63 Bars.


One well rehabilitation unit (for brushing, jetting high pressure …)