WELCOME TO Nizar Forage

Drilling company Inverstigation Depth : unlimited

Nizar Forage for research and water well drilling was established in April 2000.

The company specializes in ground water research and well drilling and rehabilitation.

Nizar Forage also has two branches: GEOCONTROL & SOTEF

Over the years, Nizar Forage has gradually gained a license from the Tunisian ministry of agriculture, hydraulic resources and fisheries that defines the company as a “second category drilling contractor with unlimited drilling depth”.

In 2020, the company achieved a turnover of more than 11,000,000 Tunisian Dinars (3,860,000 $).



Is the general manager of the company.He is a Doctor in civil engineering from the University of Nantes (France).

In parallel with his duties as a general manager, Marwen BOUASKER is a Professor and former Director of the Department of Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic School of the University of Orléans (France) and visiting professor at several engineering schools in the world (Spain, Morocco, Ukraine, Czech Republic …)

Human ressources

Highly qualified staff

A team of drillers and workers: the company hires 4 site managers, 16 drillers with professional qualification certificates and 4 workers specializing in welding, electrics and general mechanics in addition to more than 30 workers.


The number of staff is 5


The number of staff is 6


The number of staff is 24


The number of staff is 30

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